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I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m out and proud!

I am an animated stand up comedian who mostly talks about lesbian stuff, coming out of the closet and homophobia. I like to sing too. My basic outlook on life is that being gay is fabulous and homophobes are stupid. I started out making videos on YouTube because I wanted to impress the ladies, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of networking with some amazing and talented lesbian and bisexual women from all over the world (and some gorgeous gay guys too!)


Lizzy the Lezzy, Professional LesbianMost people say they watch my videos when they need a good laugh. Some people find it a bit rude. I talk about my coming out experience, what it’s like being a lesbian and how much I love being gay! One of my favorites is a song I wrote about my ex girlfriends. I bet they’re all crying now… hehe.
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Sometimes I like to write about LGBT issues, flowers that look like vaginas or just random things that happen in my ‘perverted lesbian lifestyle’ as the homophobes like to call it. They should be so lucky! I love loving women who love women even more than I love chocolate, and I love chocolate a LOT.
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Snuggle up with your partner & some popcorn and watch gay girl movies till your heart is content, and if it’s still not content then it might be time go out and get a new girlfriend! And if you’re single, well, you’ll probably end up touching yourself during the sex scenes, so have fun!
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Lizzy the Lezzy is produced without any funding. Please support Lizzy if you can!

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