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School Tells Vlogger To Get Back In The Closet Or Leave

YouTuber Austin Wallace has posted an emotional video recounting how his school principal told him that in order to stay at the school, he had to get back in the closet by deleting all his social media and his digital impact on the world, including his YouTube channel, claiming it was having a “bad impact” on the school.


LGBT Stories from page members

Hi everyone! Here’s a collection of LGBT stories and messages from my Facebook page for your enjoyment. Please keep posting them, they are inspiring many others to come out and helping others to be proud of who they are!


The Bible is Hate Speech

That time I got SO pissed off with the sheer number of bible quotes and religious comments on the page that I posted this… Really. Please stop it. It’s ridiculous. Post by Lizzy the...

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Gay is NOT a SIN

I am sick to my sphincter of people quoting the bible on my Facebook page or condemning gays to hell with their barely decipherable, nonsensical, delusional “religious” words. The last couple of weeks has...