Me & My Pussy

Do you like my pussy? It was given to me and my first girlfriend by our lesbian friends. The cat ran away unfortunately, when we broke up after a year, but the couple who gave him to us are still together 20 years later!

So my name is Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m a lesbian. I was created by Ruth Selwyn, and I am the first lesbian stand up comedy animation. To date, my videos have collectively been viewed over 7.3 million times. I started my career as a stand up comedian on Myspace.com, and as a result of the online lesbian network my videos were spotted by Arlan Hamilton who writes one of the most popular Lesbian blogs on the internet. The publicity from Arlan’s article led to The L Word Online suggesting to Ruth that she make a video about The L Word. Of course I was more than happy to oblige and make fun of my favorite lesbians.

In 2007, Logo TV acquired the first ten episodes of my animated lesbian stand up comedy and broadcast them on their Gay/Lesbian animation show Alien Boot Camp, and Ruth drew me a better microphone to celebrate. Curve Magazine included Ruth in an article entitled “Networking Lesbians“. My animated YouTube videos were also featured on The Bilerico Project’s “Sunday Funnies” and on Jewcy.com where I was described as “The funniest lesbian on Myspace”. I rarely check my Myspace anymore. It’s gone really shit, hasn’t it?

I decided to make a special stand up video for National Coming Out Day, which was featured on Lovegirls.co.uk along with my “Coming Out Guide”, and was spotted by the Human Rights Campaign, who then asked Ruth to create a special video for the L Word Season Five Premier Parties across the United States. In June 2009, Tegan & Sara posted a link to this site on their twitter which was very exciting! I also have a friend called Gary the Gay who appears in some of the videos.

Ruth writes, records, animates and produces my videos in her spare time and in an effort to try and support her foul-mouthed little lesbian habit (me) she has also recently written and produced a little lesbian book about yours truly! I was also featured on the Sundance Channel for Gay Pride month – June 2010 and even made it to wikipedia!

Ruth Selwyn

Ruth emigrated from the UK to Israel in 1992, to enjoy the fabulous weather and the even more fabulous gay scene in Tel Aviv. After living and working in Tel-Aviv as a freelance flash animator and video producer, Ruth took a year out in 2004 to direct a documentary for Channel 5 in the UK, “The Woman with Seven Personalities” about an old school friend who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Shortly after her return she created Lizzy to help her get laid, and she now lives happily in the countryside with her hot bisexual girlfriend.

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