Gary the Gay


I’m Gary the Gay, I’m Lizzy’s best friend
I’m Gary the Gay, with a big bell end
I’m Gary the Gay and I’m a big queer
I’m Gary the Gay, the gay cavalier!

Greetings, nob nibblers! My name is Gary the Gay, but you can call me Gazza, or Gagger as I’m known around town. I’ve known Lizzy since we were kids at school. Oh those were the gays days! We always had a special bong bond without really knowing why, and we helped each other come to sperms terms with our raging homosexuality. (Please forgive me for all the typos, I’m fairly new to all this online muff stuff.

Anyway, life in general is good, although I’m in a bit of a butt slut smutt rut at the moment, looking for a blow job and stuff. But I’m sure it will get bottom better soon!

Oh, and by the way. I’m free & single and I have a big dong schlong prong dick.

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