By now you should have seen Lizzy’s videos and sung the songs, now you can get Lizzy’s dirty little lesbian book! Only $12!

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(If you’re not familiar with Lizzy the Lezzy, you can watch her stand up comedy videos here.)

About the book

I have written a little book called “Lizzy the Lezzy Gets Laid” is the story of a young lesbian’s search for romance, love, relationships and muff munches. It’s written in Lizzy rhyme with full color pictures of Lizzy on her exciting lesbian adventures. You will also meet Lizzy’s friends – Gary the Gay, Kate the Straight, Nic the Bi-Chick and Danny the Tranny. The book is very “Lizzy”, so if you already know and love Lizzy you will love this book. The book makes for a perfect coffee table book or will amuse and entertain your friends when they go to the toilet (after you’ve read it, of course), or get it for your cranky lesbian aunt to cheer her up. Lizzy’s book also makes a great birthday gift for your best friend or girlfriend. We all know trying to get a decent muff munch is hard, but Lizzy’s attempts in this book will make you feel much better about your own fumbled experiences. Own a piece of lesbian history, and get your signed copy of Lizzy’s dirty little lesbian book today! Only $12 if you buy now!

Do you want Lizzy & Ruth to sign it?

“Lizzy the Lezzy Gets Laid” was originally written with songs in it. However, since you can’t hear the songs if you’re reading, I left the songs out of the book and made them into videos. The first song is about a young lesbian crush I had on a teacher at school – before I even knew I was a lesbian! My secret crush on her was the main thing that had me excited about going to school – apart from the days when we had trampoline lessons!

The second song is about lack of self confidence when it comes to cruising for and picking up lesbians. It’s so hard to make that first move, to show another lesbian that you’re interested and strike up a conversation. But Lizzy learns that a good wash and taking care of personal hygene can do wonders for one’s confidence, and that really she has nothing to loose and only something to gain – a muff munch of course!

The third song is written for Cupid, who doesn’t seem to be aiming at the right lesbian partners for Lizzy. Falling in love is all very nice but Lizzy’s relationships never seem to work out as she’d hoped, something always goes wrong in the end, and as we all know, there’s nothing more painful – no, agonizing – as a failed lesbian relationship. It’s like, what the hell are you playing at Cupid? Why do you keep getting it wrong time and time again? Why is it that everyone else finds happiness so easily?

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